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Friday, October 28, 2011

Disney Do's and Don'ts: Use TigTagz! - and a Giveaway

** This giveaway is now CLOSED!  Laura, you're the winner!  You'll receive an e-mail from me shortly.

I've always been afraid of losing one of my children.  I'm not a big fan of crowds, either, so the thought of heading to four major Disney theme parks in one week with a six-year-old and a four-year-old did not exactly thrill me at first.

As the months passed, I grew more excited about our trip, but I continued to worry about those things that might happen should their hands slip out of ours or we got separated in a line.  I tried teaching both children my cell phone number, but while they are both fairly good with our home number, the cell was difficult - and not sticking in My Little Man's brain.

How would we find them if we got separated?

With that question constantly on my mind, I was thrilled to learn about TigTagz.  A form of identification bracelet created by a mom, these bracelets are affordable - but best of all, they are created specifically for YOU.  You personalize what you want it to say, the pictures that are on them, and can even include important medical information.

I ordered a set of TigTagz (12 self-sticking, paper bracelets for $10) and packed them for the trip.  Each morning that we headed to a crowded place, we placed the TigTagz on their wrists and reminded them what to do if they couldn't find us: find a park employee or a mommy and show him/her the bracelet.

Fortunately, we left the parks at the end of the week never having used our TigTagz.  Better safe than sorry, right?

But we did use one before leaving Florida.

While pushing a luggage cart piled high and leading both children off the elevator by myself, the elevator doors closed - and the kids were still inside.  They didn't know how to operate the elevator, and we hadn't been to our room yet.  They weren't sure which floor we were staying on, but they had their TigTagz on.

When a family entered the elevator at its next stop, My Big Helper showed the mommy her TigTagz.  The woman immediately helped her dial my cell number, and within minutes we were reunited.

My Big Helper was proud for remembering how to use the bracelet and for finding me.  I was relieved that they were back with me so quickly - and thankful for that kind woman who helped my children.

Would you like to win a set of TigTagz?  

For an opportunity to win your own set of personalized TigTagz, do one or more of the following before Wednesday, November 9 at noon.  Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you win.  A winner will be chosen randomly from the comments below and your contact information passed on to TigTagz.

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me where or how you would use your TigTagz.
  2. Visit the TigTagz store and share in the comment section of this post which set is your favorite.
  3. Share this giveaway in some way with your friends (phone call, blog post, email, etc) and leave a comment sharing what you did.

This giveaway was sponsored by TigTagz.  Thank you, TigTagz, for this giveaway and this amazing product!


  1. We would use these at things like our fair every summer!
    My kids would love the safari ones!
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  2. I really like your Disney idea. I would use them for my 3 year old when we go there next month!


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  3. These are great! We are planning a trip to Great Wolf Lodge this winter.

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  4. I like the boys multi pack!

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  5. Thanks so much! I look forward to receiving them.