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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Great Pinterest Challenge #3 - Antique Window Picture Frame

My husband bought me an antique window mirror for a wedding gift, and I love it.  So when I saw this chalkboard window on Pinterest, it made me curious.

How else could I use an antique window?

I started working on that idea.

While on our Creeper Trail vacation this summer, we found several antique windows, and I bought two.

I decided that this space above The Big Helper's bed would be the perfect place for one window.  I found some great photographs of castles and thought it fit her room perfectly to "frame" a poster-sized castle photo with the window.

Unfortunately, getting the printing rights to the photos wasn't easy - and then I had another brainstorm in Disney.

What better photo than Cinderella's castle?

To make the frame, first I washed the window and painted it white.  (To make this job easier, I cut up scrap paper and taped it inside.

At a balmy 79 degrees, it was too warm to be inside - and so My Little Man and I took the window to the grass and added brackets for hanging.

Making the picture fit inside wasn't easy.  Because my camera is rather elderly, my photo couldn't be enlarged enough to fit the window.  It took a friend, two poster prints, and several hours of cutting and measuring to make it all work out.  (I'm not exactly a precise person - and if your photo were big enough, you could have this project done in a snap.)

Voila!  The finished product.  Because my Big Helper was already asleep, hanging it will wait until tomorrow.  Doesn't the white frame (the woodwork in her room is also white, matching her other windows) pop?

the pinterest challenge

** Voting for the Great Pinterest Challenge opens on October 28th.  I'd appreciate your votes.   Thanks for the inspiration, Ruffled!

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