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Monday, October 10, 2011

GratiTuesday - We Survived Walt Disney!

After a year of budgeting, planning, and dreaming, we took off to Florida for our Walt Disney World vacation last week.

We spent five days touring the parks, meeting cartoon characters and princesses,

eating, riding, learning,

eating, laughing together as a family ... and did I mention eating?

We were blessed in many, many ways.

The ride turned out to be about 3 hours shorter than the directions indicated - each way.  Yippee!

We had four beautiful, gloriously sunny days in the park and another in the pool before the weather even hinted at rain.

Thanks to lots of planning and some coupons, we splurged on a few meals out in some really fun places.

My Big Helper got totally immersed in Epcot.  She was focused on Chinese acrobats, finding Kidcot stations, and exploring each country.  Aren't the French gardens beautiful?

We saw fabulous shows in each park - some Broadway style, others using puppets and animatronics, but all of them of a very high caliber - and not something we can see everyday here in this small Southern town!

Thanks to the lovely Fairy Godmothers-in-training at the Bippity Boppity Boutique, a princess was born - and in the special front window salon chair, no less!  She was thrilled.

Best of all, despite all the craziness that is Disney, we made memories that will last a lifetime.  Though the Little Man might've preferred to get eaten by more Bruces and meet a few less princesses, we spent a fantastic week together.

What could be better than a week spent as a family, laughing together?

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Going to Disney yourself?  Come back later this week for Disney tips and tricks - including how to get the most bang for your Disney buck, which attractions shouldn't be missed, great places to splurge, and how to get oodles of character autographs!

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  1. How fun for y'all! Disney is one of those places that everyone should go at lest once in their lifetime. We've always found that it truly is the "happiest place on earth".