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Monday, October 24, 2011

GratiTuesday - A Family Visit

I've lived in North Carolina for ten years now, and one of the hardest parts of being here is that most of my family can't come visit.  \With a family as large as mine, there are many relatives out there - but I've always been closest to the older ones, and they are not always up for the lengthy car trips that it takes to get here.

This weekend was different, though.  

After months of planning and working out details, my grandmother and great-aunt came for a visit this past weekend.

I so wanted everyone to have a good visit.  With health issues on their part and a small house and active kids on our end, there's a lot to coordinate - but I think it was a pretty great weekend.

They came bearing gifts of all sorts, which is always exciting.  The kids loved working on this activity atlas with Aunt Marie!

Meme bought a crafty set for Andi, and it was great to see all three of them, heads together, making dolls with zany outfits.

My Big Helper loves to have an audience while she reads - and she often found a captivated one while they were here!

We hit up a local ice cream shop for dessert Saturday afternoon.  As a kid, I remember having special ice cream treats at Meme's, and it was fun to turn the tables and take her out.  

It was just a bit chilly Saturday, but we enjoyed some playtime at the park before hardcore shopping.

Meme got some of the kisses she was missing ...

and we all got to go to church together.  

We got pretty silly together, too.

So today, I'm thankful for the opportunity to see my children enjoying time with my grandmother.  Thankful for the aunt who drove and made the visit possible.  Grateful for everyone's flexibility and the sunny weather that allowed us to get out a bit.  

My children got to spend a wonderful weekend with their great-grandmother.  How cool is that??

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