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Monday, October 10, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - October 10, 2011

We're back from Disney and getting ready to resume a mouse-free life.  As we unpack, do mountains of laundry, and get a few things organized for a visit from family, we're focusing on simple meals and fall flavors.

Here's what we're planning:

- Baked cinnamon oatmeal
- Scrambled eggs X 2, toast
- Applesauce muffins X 2
- Cereal with milk and bananas
- Whole wheat chocolate chip pumpkin bread (recipe coming soon!)

Lunches will be our usual assortment of leftovers and sandwiches with sliced veggies or fruit.

- Unpacking!  frozen pizza, carrot sticks, apple slices

- Parmesan potato soup, breadsticks

- Cubed steak, baked potatoes, guilty good green beans
- Breakfast pizza-for-dinner, fruit
- Roast beef, roasted veggies and potatoes, applesauce
- Vegetable beef soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, apple slices
- Grab it and Growl

Is it beginning to feel like fall where you live?  

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  1. Yum!! Sounds like a great week of meals! I definitely need to try that Parmesan Potato Soup. Thanks for all the meal inspiration! Hope you had a great vacation!