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Monday, October 17, 2011

GratiTuesday - A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

My Little Man and I are still doing a bit of subbing, and today that school took a field trip to Brown's Farms.  What a fantastic day!

The weather was beautiful - record highs for central NC - the skies were blue, and the animals adorable.

Farmer Brown met us and gave us instructions for gathering corn, soybeans, and sunflowers while going through the corn maze.

My Little Man was so proud of learning how to pick corn.  I must confess that we went a bit over our four-ears-per-kid limit.

Next, we got to feed our collections to the animals, and this rabbit was our favorite  He really liked the soybean leaves!

My Little Man tried to feed the cows, too, but he's not too willing to put his fingers too close to anything that big.

Next we went on a long hayride around the farm.  (I secretly enjoyed that he wanted to keep the sunflowers for us instead of feeding them to the goats!)

Weren't the fields gorgeous?

It was such a wonderful day to be outside!

After playing for a bit on the playground, My Little Man got to choose a pumpkin.

He chose the biggest, greenest one he could find ...

and then put it back for a cute, orange dirty one.


So today I'm grateful for a beautiful morning outside with My Little Man.  Seeing him interact with the animals reminded me of being at home on the farm, and I loved how gentle he was with that rabbit - and how sweet he was to save his 'dandy-flower' for me.

Who couldn't love that??

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  1. What a wonderful day to be thankful for! ~Lisa (visiting from Laura's)

  2. What fun! We still haven't made it to the Pumpkin patch this year--hopefully soon!

  3. Great pictures! I just love fall.
    Thanks for the Birthday wishes.