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Friday, March 30, 2012

A Fun Tablescape

Decorating is SO not my thing - ask anybody - but this is a fun tablescape that even decorating dummies like me can handle.

When my husband and I got married, I was teaching first grade during my second year of living here in North Carolina.  Our wedding was back in Pennsylvania, in the small country church where my family had been attending for nearly a hundred years, and we decided to use all of these parts of our lives in our reception.

We covered the reception tables - the long, rectangular kind - with white paper; you know, the kind that comes off of a big roll.  We put a few crayons at each end of the table, and in the middle a single goblet filled with water.  We floated a flower-shaped candle in the middle of it and sprinkled some glitter around the candle.

(I think maybe my mom had this idea?  Not sure - but I loved it!)

This made for very simple tables with fun lights, which suits me to a T.  Better yet, it gave our guests something to do while they waited for the picture-taking session to end.

As we meandered throughout the room during the reception, talking with guests, many showed off their artwork to us.  Some people signed them and told us to cut them out and put into our wedding album - and these drawings definitely would have made great mementos.

I don't ever plan to use this idea in quite the same way again (I'm not a wedding planner) but I think it would be a fun idea to use for kids' holiday tables or for fun multi-family get-togethers.  The paper is easy to pull off when the event is over and makes clean-up simple, and the canvas for artistic possibilities is huge.

Who doesn't want to fill a huge white space with color?


  1. Hi, so blessed I found your blog from Karen Ehman's post today!! Glad to be your newest follower!!!
    Jen @ f5

  2. That is so fun!! What a great idea for any party or get together1 Love it! Thanks for sharing :)