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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GratiTuesday - Spreading Out the Love

All last week, we geared up to celebrate our Big Helper's birthday.  As you can imagine, she was super excited and had big plans for her big weekend - until she got sick, that is.

A few days before her birthday she got a tummy bug, and unfortunately, it was a particularly unpleasant few days for her.

Not knowing when she'd recover or who else might get sick, our out-of-town guests postponed their visit and all birthday plans went from 'definite' status to 'maybe.'

I feared she would cry, but she surprised me.  She got quiet for a few minutes, nodded that she understood, and asked a few questions to clarify the plans we were able to make.

First, she took advantage of the enforced stillness to read, write, and draw.

Then she began planning.  Knowing that the birthday plans that had been scheduled over a two-day period would now need to be rearranged, she sat down and drew a calendar and started penciling in her new ideas.  She even exclaimed at one point, "Mommy!  Now I'll get to celebrate my birthday for two weeks!"  What an attitude!

After poring through a new cookbook, My Big Helper chose to make a peanut butter cake and wanted it shaped like a doll.  She was excited to be well enough to help make it ...

and she screamed when she saw my pathetic attempt at making a doll cake.  I was so glad that she liked it!

So, now, we've celebrated with one set of grandparents and will with the other soon.  She'll celebrate at school tomorrow and the birthday express will continue.

For now, though, I'm grateful that the tummy bug has moved on.  That my Big Helper's smile has returned and that she willingly made the best of a very yucky situation.  That she's a happy and healthy seven-year-old who delights in even the simplest things - that's just the best.

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  1. Awww, never fun to be sick on your birthday. Sounds like she made the best of a situation, and I love her attitude " I get to celebrate for two weeks!" The cake turned out great! Is the Peanut Butter cake your recipe?

    1. No, Dottie, it isn't! It's actually a Betty Crocker white cake recipe with peanut butter used instead of the butter. She loves it - and I'm looking forward to playing with the recipe.

  2. The cake is adorable! I have ZERO cake decorating abilities. Your Big Helper has a great attitude!

  3. That is an awesome cake! Great job! :)

  4. That cake is adorable! I'm impressed:)