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Friday, March 23, 2012

New SwagBucks Sign-up Code!

If you're wondering what the fuss is about the SwagBucks program, now is the time to sign up!

SwagBucks is a site that gives you points, or SwagBucks, in exchange for performing simple tasks, many of which you would do anyway, like searching the web.  I rarely do any of the activities besides a one-question daily poll and my regular online searches, and I often earn between 20 and 30 points daily.

What do you do with the SwagBucks once you acquire them?  You trade them in for other things!  You can play games, buy clothing, music, gift certificates, etc.  My favorite is the Amazon e-card, because I can buy nearly anything with that.  I've purchased parts for my bike, books for Bible study, Christmas presents for my kids, and am currently saving to replace my dying bread machine.

Generally you receive 30 SwagBucks when you register, but right now you'll earn an extra 70 when you use the code MARCHSWAG.  This code is valid now and will last until midnight on April 2nd.  That's a total of 100 SwagBucks (and a $5 Amazon card is only 450 pts!).

Any other Swaggernauts out there?  What do you think of SwagBucks?

**The links above contain my 'affiliate' links that will allow me to earn matching points for your first few as a new sign-up.  Thanks for using them!

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