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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

GratiTuesday: Give Me All Your Money!

Last week the kids and I ran to the grocery store for to pick up a forgotten item after school.  It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, and we talked as we walked back to our car.

Suddenly an arm wrapped around my throat and a male voice growled, "Give me all your money!"

Trying not to panic, having a child on either side of me but with hands full, I just wanted to get the kids in the car and away from the men holding me.  All I could think of was getting the kids away unharmed.

Before I could do anything, however, the arm moved, the man began to laugh, and he said something rapidly.  In my relief I couldn't understand the accent.

Turning around I realized that the men are waiters at a local restaurant that we visit occasionally.  (From this story one would think we're there every day, but truly, we're not - though the food is very good.)  They smiled and laughed, said something else I couldn't understand, and waved as they continued their trek from the restaurant to the bank just across the parking lot.

With the perceived threat gone, I hurried the kids into the car and returned home.

I must admit, I didn't think their joke was very funny; instead, it was really scary.  I'm thankful, however, that these men were just joking.  It makes me wonder, though, about how they perceive us as customers in their restaurant.  Do they see us all as friends?  Do they remember everybody this way?  If so, how nice it must be to see the world at large as your friends!

We haven't been back to this restaurant since the incident, and I'm not sure when we will be, but although they scared me, I'm glad to know that these waiters are ultimately so kind and attentive.

Maybe friends aren't as difficult to find as I'd thought.

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  1. Wow! That would frighten me, too. Gla dit turned out well and you were able to give it perspective.

  2. Oh goodness! How frightening for you, and I'm sure the kids as well. Thank goodness it was just a joke. I wouldn't have found that very funny either.

    1. I think the kids were just really curious about why someone would want our money. They often see homeless people on corners in Durham, and so we've talked before about how some people have more/less than others, and they were confused as to why these men were trying to take what we had. After they understood it to be a joke, they seemed to forget about it - it's just taken me a bit longer!

  3. My goodness! My heart was racing just reading the first few sentences. My temper would have gotten the best of me. I'm so glad it was just a joke!