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Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Full Disclosure" by Dee Henderson

Full Disclosure

Ann Silver walks into Special Agent Paul Falcon's office and hands him a lead on a long-cold murder investigation.  When the lead promises more information than Falcon's caught in years, Silver catches Falcon's attention - and suddenly she seems to be everywhere.  With friends in high places and myriads of talents, Falcon is interested in learning more about the mysterious and humble Silver.  People are not always what they seem, however; is Ann really what she appears to be?

Full Disclosure is a fantastic read!  Once I flipped past the title page, I could not put this book down.  Silver's quiet and unassuming ways, contrasted with her intelligence and talents, made her a fascinating character.  Pit her up against Falcon's intensity and research abilities, and you've got an exciting match - which is really only a small, though the most important, part of the cast.

One of the exciting things about this story is that it includes the O'Malley family as background characters.  With the O'Malleys providing support and information throughout the book, you not only keep up to date on this amazing family from a previous series, but the plot feels thicker and deeper.

Full Disclosure is both dramatic and exciting throughout its plot.  Henderson provides her signature blend of techno-political information steeped with emotional drama and interpersonal relationships.  I love the way that Henderson has filled this book with opposing forces; it will keep any reader on her mental toes.

Not that any reader of a Henderson book must be female.  My husband, who is not exactly a voracious reader, has read several of Henderson's books before and enjoyed them, so when I mentioned that I had the newest on the shelf, he snagged it - and then we didn't speak again for three days until he had finished it.  Any book that can hold my husband's attention so thoroughly is both action-packed and well written.

You won't want to be on a waiting list for Full Disclosure.  It releases in just a few weeks - so pre-order or request it now.  You won't be sorry.

I received a free ARC copy of Full Disclosure from Dee Henderson in exchange for an honest review.

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