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Monday, August 27, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - August 27, 2012

We're in the homestretch now.  School will start in just a few days, and the rest of summer seems to be winding down.  The kids and I have very few things on our calendar this week as life pauses until the new school year begins, and this is exciting.

Except, of course, that my husband is taking a class three nights this week, and the next one features baseball practice.

Since I'll be on my own with the kids as we finish summer and start school, and because my husband will be hungry as he transitions from work to class, we're going with a "handheld" dinner theme this week.  We'll prepare things that I can pack for my husband to eat on his way to class, and perhaps the kids and I will have a few picnics to keep things fun.

So here's our picnic-ready, handheld plan.

- Pancakes, fruit

- Grandma's biscuits with honey or sausage

- fresh peaches with Cinnamon Almond Granola

Lunches will be our usual assortment of leftovers or sandwiches and fruit.

- Turkey burgers, spicy baked black beans, carrot sticks
- Corndog muffins, canteloupe, carrot sticks
- Burritos, chips, apple slices
- Lasagna roll-ups with sausage slices, salad, fruit

- Meat and cheese wraps, fresh fruit, whole wheat chocolate chip cookies

- Make-your-own-Pizza night
- Dinner at church

Maybe the kids and I will play with baking small batches of cookies or muffins for some extra treats in there somewhere, but the temperature is heating back up after a few super cool days, so we may just stick with the super cool schedule.

I also wanted us to have a special back-to-school meal, but I hate to do that without everyone being there, so maybe we'll wait.  We might just stick with our super-simple plan for this week.

Do you have any handheld recipes to share?  I'd love to hear them!

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