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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"The Guest Book" by Marybeth Whalen

The Guest Book

Macy Dillon has been drawing in the guest book of a beachside vacation rental for 10 years - and a young boy has been drawing her pictures in response.  Until, that is, her father died and Macy's family stopped visiting the beach.  Now, years later, they return to find closure for her father's death and Macy prays that she might find that boy who so ensnared her dreams years before.  With everything in disarray and pain on every side, might the guest book provide the hope and healing that Macy has been searching for?

I really enjoyed my read of The Guest Book.  Macy's young enough to be innocent and spoiled in many ways, and yet jaded enough to have real issues that many of us can relate to.  She struggles on so many fronts - with motherhood, men, independence, grief, and who she wants to be as a woman - that she has a lot to figure out.  The weight of these issues keeps the book from being a for-fun-only read, but the way that God goes about answering Macy's prayer adds a huge element of fun.

More than either of Whalen's previous books, there's a bit of mystery around some of these characters.  With each one so different and inadvertently teaching Macy something new, I couldn't put the story down.  I couldn't wait to find out if she would meet her long-lost picture-pal!

If fun reads are too shallow for you but you're not up for Russian literature on the beach, definitely check out The Guest Book.  The balance of fun, suspense, and depth is right-on, making this the perfect summer story.

I received a free copy of The Guest Book from Marybeth Whalen in exchange for an honest review.

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