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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GratiTuesday - A Sister Saturday

Most of the time, it seems as if my sister and I are pretty different.

We're 5 1/2 years apart in age, and we live about 4 hours apart by car.  I'm married with two kids, and she's single with two dogs.  I'm a SAHM, focusing on menu plans, cleaning schedules, and homeschool plans, while she works in a high-powered marketing position and produces television commercials regularly.

But on Saturday, we didn't feel so far apart. 

While the kids and I were visiting my parents - who were also hosting my grandmother - my sister invited all the females out for a pedicure.  Everybody else had plans, but my feet were free, so with my dad keeping the kids, I headed into town.

We spent an hour or so at my sister's favorite pedicurist, our feet in tubs of swirling warm water.  She showed me the wall of polish and we tested them on an index card together to find the perfect shade.  I didn't realize until later that we both chose the same  strawberry one.

We ran errands together after that, eventually heading to a Mexican restaurant that I'd always wanted to visit and that she loves for a late lunch out.

Eventually I headed back to the kids, and she came over for dinner that night.  Afterwards she golfed around the backyard with My Little Man and then gave a gymnastics lesson to My Big Helper.  As a kid she seemed to be upside down more often than not, and it was fun to see her passing some of those skills on to my daughter (although only time will tell if My Big Helper has her innate flexibility and talent or my double left feet).

I wish that our family weren't spread out so much; it would be nice to be closer together.   If we can't all live in the same general area, however, it sure is nice to have days like these, where everyone is talking and laughing and turning fun, fruity colors.  

Especially when those strawberry toes are pointed up to the sky.

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