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Friday, August 24, 2012

Potluck Art Picnic

Continuing in our summer tradition of party-style events, like our Water Olympics, yesterday we hosted a Potluck Art Picnic.

 It was exactly what the name implies: a potluck-style gathering where everyone brought their own art project to share with all of the children. The kids wandered freely between the many projects, accomplishing each at their own pace. When everyone was finished being artsy, we threw out some blankets and broke out the sandwiches and had a fun, grassy lunch. The kids played and enjoyed each other's company for several hours after that. Our playset got a good workout!

 The arts and crafts varied greatly.

 The kids and I made colorful icing for everyone to paint onto shaped sugar cookies.

One friend dyed pasta, and the kids strung it to make colorful jewelry. Another brought colorful papers to make paper quilts, as well as shaped objects to dip in paint and stamp. She shared a table with a mom who brought suncatchers and paint. Another friend did marble painting and then brought supplies to turn the painted papers into bookmarks. 

This mom brought tie-dying materials and helped each child dye their own t-shirt.  They really loved this!

 After everyone had finished painting their cookies, I made chalk paint. I tied the cups of paint onto the back fence with bread ties, and then the kids used foam brushes to paint large pieces of black-painted cardboard. After they realized that the paint splattered, they were finished using the brushes traditionally and became graffiti artists. They had such fun!

 This was a great way for our kids to get to do multiple art projects without any one parent being too stressed about supplies or messes - and with everyone pitching in to clean up, it happened very fast! What are your favorite sorts of art projects?

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