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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GratiTuesday - Muddy Men

Last weekend my husband and kids participated in a mud run.

I've never seen anything quite like it.  It was organized by state troopers to benefit a scholarship fund, and so the course was designed to mimic things that troopers might have to do - almost military in style.  Knowing that, my husband has been training hard.

The kids practiced running a bit, too, having lots of fun playing in the mud as they went.  Their race was first. It encapsulated the last 100 yards of the adult race.

It looked rather like this:

The kids all had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the mud.  My two, seen above with friends, stuck together well to make sure that each made it through the course safely.  Our Little Man just barely made the age cut-off, and we didn't want him to get lost or stuck in mud somewhere.  Our Big Helper stayed on him like glue and made sure they got out together.

Then, it was time for the adult race.  This was a grueling 5K race up and down hills, stairs, over cars, through creeks, between fires, over stacked hay bales, and through obstacles such as sewer pipes and mud mountains.

It began, however, with a 50-foot water slide into a super-deep mud pit.

Missed that?  It looked like this:

My husband was completely submerged in mud at one point in this pit.  One of his contacts rolled under his eye and had to be removed by a paramedic after the race - and so he ran the entire thing with one eye closed.

This is not my idea of fun.  Not. one. single. bit.  My Big Helper agrees with me and has chosen to stay out of the mud next year.

However, my muddy men loved it.  They're already making plans for next year's training schedule and race, and I like that.

I'm glad that they're excited to be out there, bonding together, being tough manly men - even if they have to get muddy to do it.  I'm proud of them for enduring the tough physical challenge to overcome the obstacles in their paths.  I'm glad that they're listening to the call that God placed in their hearts to be a bit rough, to be tough, to get down and dirty and compete and provide.  Because when the time comes for them to work hard, to push to overcome, to provide, defend, or protect, they'll be ready.

They're men.

Manly men.

Muddy Manly Men.

And I'm proud of them.

Even if I am scrubbing mud out of the bathtub for the next six months.


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*Some of the pictures in this post were taken by friends - namely Susan B., Susan C., and Brooke S.  Thanks for sharing, guys!  You're amazing photographers!


  1. Oh, boy! I have some men that would love that!

    1. It's crazy just how excited they still are over this - but I'm happy that they're happy!