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Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Prayers of a Stranger" by Davis Bunn

Amanda Vance loves babies.  So much that she's a nurse on the maternity floor - or was, until she lost her own just before Christmas last year.  Now she's trying to hold things together with her husband, who's company isn't doing well.  Suddenly she's given a trip to the Holy Land, where she meets a stranger and becomes an answer to prayer.  Can Amanda then find faith enough to trust in answers for her own prayers?

Bunn has written an intense yet inspirational look at a couple's journey through the loss of a child.  Walking through mourning with Amanda as she searches for healing is both educational and inspiring.  It's all too easy to think that those who have suffered a loss should be ready to move on when we are, but we all must heal on our own God-given schedules.  Bunn offers a very compassionate view of this dilemma, painting vividly the issues this can create in our families and friendships but also showing how valuable true understanding and friendship can be.  I hope that I can be that same kind of friend if tragedy of any form strikes someone I know.

*Slight spoiler alert! Next paragraph only.*

While to me this was a side plot within the book, Bunn adds issues to Amanda's husband's life as he struggles to save the business he loves.  I appreciate the description of the stress that Chris felt as he tried to support his family and the seriousness with which he took God's calling to be a leader within the home.  Even more, I appreciate the stand that Chris took for what he knew was right.  It would have been easy to sell out for money, but much harder to hold firmly to what he knew was right.  We need more people who do this when hard times come.

Prayers of a Stranger is definitely not a fluffy read, but it is a thoughtful, inspirational one.  I'm glad I read it.

I received a free copy of Prayers of a Stranger through the Booksneeze Program in Exchange for an honest review.

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