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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"God Makes Lemonade: True Stories that Sweeten & Inspire" created by Don Jacobson

God Makes Lemonade: True Stories that Sweeten and Inspire  -     
        By: Don Jacobson

Similar to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, this book is an anthology of true stories that showcase people who sought the good in horrible circumstances.  Through trials and tragedies, the stories collected in this book showcase the positive elements or outcomes that can result from our suffering, whether big or small.

Jacobson's stories are well-written and positive.  Though the circumstances are often extreme, it is encouraging to see how well these situations turned out for others.  It is inspiring to see how many are from young parents, children, or people whose stories are not yet complete; knowing that others can find hope in the midst of trials helps us to dig in our own heels to do the same.

I received a free copy of God Makes Lemonade:  True Stories that Sweeten & Inspire from Lemonade Books in exchange for a free review.

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