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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

GratiTuesday - Kiddie Crafty Time

Things have been crazy around our house lately, and so any extra time with the kids is special to me.  In the past week, we've reserved some special time for crafty endeavors, and it's been great!  

First, we worked together to make fudge.  (More about this recipe coming up on December 7th.)

I love how the kids pull a chair over and share it when they both want to help.  Seeing them working side-by-side, being best friends, just makes my heart happy.  I realize there are probably rocky times ahead, but I hope that they come through on the other side as close as they are right now.

My Big Helper was determined to get each step just right.  She was thrilled to be using her own small (butter)knife and showed promise as she worked.

My Little Man thought he was big stuff as he manipulated his (butter)knife.  

We also began making Christmas presents.

Working hard!

Our kitchen table is still covered in pom poms and paint, but we've spent lots of time together.  As we cut and colored one of our Christmas projects this weekend, My Big Helper said, "Mommy?  Isn't this fun?  Doing activities together?"

It is indeed.

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  1. How precious! Isn't it a special blessing when your children are such good friends? I hope that never changes in our house.

  2. Oh I just love these times and for me they seem so hard to work together the planning of them. Great job Mom!