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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

GratiTuesday - A Beautiful Day

Life has been a bit crazy this fall, and I've really looked forward to the time when our family could do something special together, just us, without anybody having to rush off anywhere.

Saturday was our day.

We headed to our in-laws' house early that afternoon.  My Big Helper ran to greet Belle, who was equally happy for the attention.

After my husband and I had a crash course in horse saddling, we headed out to some old trails nearby.

The kids took turns riding and walking and collecting leaves, nuts, and rocks.

I think my husband bonded with Belle.

We all had fun hiking on these trails through the woods, listening to Daddy's stories of his four-wheeling childhood days.

The trees around this old building were just beautiful!

Then, when it was over, we headed home.  The kids helped Daddy build a fire in the fireplace and we roasted hot dogs for dinner.

My Big Helper wanted to play a game, so after dinner we played Uno and Uno Moo.  My Little Man had never played real Uno before, and he celebrated each time he played a card.

Saturday was a beautiful day; partly because the skies were blue, partly because the foliage was gorgeous, partly because we spent the day outdoors, but mostly because we spent it together.

Today I'm grateful for the break in the schedule that allowed us to hang out as a family.  To roast hot dogs and eat too much popcorn and chase down beautiful leaves.  For the opportunity for my husband and I to saddle Belle on our own and all that we learned through it.

It truly was a beautiful day.

What blessing are you grateful for today?

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  1. Looks like a lovely time. Sometimes rambles through the woods are just what a family needs. We've spent two consecutive Sundays having some and it's been so good for us. One even helped my children make connections with their faith formation as I wrote about here:

  2. I'm hoping we can find a day for family fun by the end of the month. We almost have to force it to happen these days!

  3. Looks like a great family day! Those trails were beautiful!