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Friday, November 11, 2011

Shopping for Christmas - for Free!

Search & Win

Just over a year ago I heard about a program called 'Swagbucks' that allows you to perform your basic online searches but pays you to do it.  I checked it out and it seemed legitimate, so I signed up.  After a few weeks of playing around with it, I had earned enough points to trade them in for a gift card - and so my searching began.

Since then I only search through the SwagBucks site.  This allows me to earn more points and grab gift cards faster - all of which I've turned into gifts or items for our house.  Using my SwagBucks, I buy Amazon gift cards and trade those in for books, a scooter, a SweetPea (children's music player), digital cameras, shoes, and more.

SwagBucks is running a special right now.  If you sign up for the first time before November 17, they'll give you a bonus 80 points.  (Use the promo code SBPAYSFORME.)  Your original sign-up bonus is 30, so you'll begin your SwagBucks career with 110 SwagBucks total.

There are also many other ways to earn SwagBucks, and many of them involve doing what you would normally do anyway.

If you don't use SwagBucks yet, check it out!  Your Christmas budget may thank you.

Search & Win

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