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Monday, November 21, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - November 21, 2011

We traveled part of last week and will be again this week.  It is difficult to organize the types of meals I usually do when we won't be home to finish off groceries and when my husband works late a lot, so our meals have been a bit different this week.  When I've had the chance to cook, I've cooked things in big batches and then we eat what we can, when we can, and I'm freezing the rest.  Here's a bit of what you'll find on our table:

- Baked apple pie French toast

- Pizza Dip

- Baked Corn

- Chili

- Cheeseburger Mac 'n' cheese

- Steal-good pumpkin bread

- Whole wheat chocolate chip cookies

I've also got a bunch of apples that need to be used, so I think that applesauce, apple butter, an apple crisp, and some spiced applesauce bread are in order.  My Little Man and I will be cooking and baking up a storm tomorrow.

What's going on in your kitchen this week?

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  1. I had an overload of apples too recently. Cooked them up into all kinds of things!