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Monday, November 14, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - November 14, 2011

This past week has been completely nutty.  We had two family parties less than 24 hours apart but several states apart, so the kids and I were traveling around the Eastern seaboard.  It was difficult, but because of that, our week included many blessings:

- Free tickets to A Shopping Spree, and then an afternoon of Christmas shopping with a friend

- Happy children during long car rides

- It's mid-November, but there are still flowers blooming!

- A child who asks for homework!

- An early morning Bingo session with the kids

- My Big Helper learned how to tie her shoes!

- My aunt turned 80 this week!  We were able to make it to her birthday party, and we had a fantastic time.

- A late-evening checkers game while waiting for our dinner.

- A Scrabble game with Papa and the kids.

- Have I mentioned that it's November?  It was 75 today!

- The kids and I traveled over a few mountains this weekend, and even though the view was hard to see from the only place we could pull over, we had to try to get a picture.  The remaining leaves were vibrant orange and the views from the top of the mountain amazing.

What sort of blessings have you caught this week?

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