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Monday, November 7, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - November 7, 2011

When I purposely look for the blessings that God is sending my way, I always seem to see so many more than if I just drift through my day.  I love being able to catch things with my camera, and so here's just a bit of what God sent my way this week:

On a cold, rainy day, My Little Man brought me the mail.

A good friend arranged for our playgroup to learn about Korea from her brother, who lived there while serving in the military for three years.

A hot bowl of homemade soup on a chilly, dreary day.

Beautifully colored leaves.

My Big Helper was invited to her first away-from-home slumber party - and had a great time!

An afternoon hanging out with the family and Belle ...

going for a trail ride ...

watching how strong my husband is and how well he controlled Belle ...

and seeing the beautiful trees God painted.

All of that followed by a night in front of the fire, dinner cooked over it, and a few games of Uno with the kids.  Fun!

What blessings have you been sent this week?

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  1. beautiful leaves! I am missing autumn- your pictures are lovely! thanks for sharing. blessings from Uganda

  2. very nice post thank you for sharing...God bless you

  3. Josh and Kelly,

    I'm afraid you are missing a really spectacular autumn here in NC - it is wonderful to see God's handiwork! I am honored that you stopped by (and I will be posting a few more leafy pictures tomorrow, too). ;-)

    Praying for your work!

  4. This autumn has been a piece of art, has it not? I wonder, what did you make on the fireplace for dinner?