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Monday, November 28, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - November 28, 2011

It was Thanksgiving!  This year we traveled to my parents' house, where my sister, aunt, and grandmother also came.  We spent several days together, and while there, we experienced these blessings:

- A Little Man, excited to help make cookies - and enjoying the cookie cutter sorting.

- Wonderful help from two enthusiastic kids.

- Rolling out the dough for the first time - so excited!

- A 'happy birthday' doughnut from the kids, decorated by my daughter.

- My Little Man's joy at eating his doughnut.

- The many blessings we listed on Tom.

- A walk with family on a beautiful Thanksgiving day.

- My Big Helper was excited to find this "Christmas tree" in the park and insisted on carrying it home.

- Cookie painting time with four generations:  my kids, my mom, myself, and my grandmother ...

- and the yummy results!

- A beautiful sunset through the trees.

- My husband helped my daughter with her newfound skill:  crocheting.

- Manly football time.

- An old-fashioned game of "Wheel of Fortune" with the girls.

What blessings have YOU been blessed with this week?

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